Comparative study of the endarterectomy versus carotid stenting

The surgical treatment of occlusion of the carotid bifurcation has been considered feasible, being able to perform two techniques, the carotid endarterectomy and the carotid stent.

There are numerous studies that analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the use of both methods, which nevertheless show a non-homogeneous methodology in their implementation introducing numerous factors of bias, which prevents having a real assessment of the situation.

A non-randomized, descriptive, retrospective study was conducted in order to provide information on the subject. Demographic aspects, indications, results of the technique, advantages and disadvantages and other parameters of interest that can provide data are analyzed. The results are evaluated and compared with others reflected in the bibliography

Continue reading in Revista Iberoamericana de la Cirugia Vascular Volumen 6 Numero 2


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